Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thumbs up & Pokes in the Eye

Today, My VooDoo Love Children, I'll throw out a few accolades to people and companies that are doing things right. Then, of course, I'll beat down the asshats, douchebags and funcktards that make me want to become the first serial junkpuncher.

Kudos to:

The good folks at Schick. Their newest product, the Hydro 5 is fucking awesome. Made to compete w/ the Gillette Mach 3 (a fine razor, but not terribly resilient) and it's ilk. It blows the competition away. The shaves are ridiculously close. The price is 15-20% less than the Mach 3 and is easily 4 times as durable.

My Oncology Team @ Northwest GA Oncology: Getting cancer sucks. But if you gotta have it, Dr. Hahm and her staff are the people to have in your corner.

The Center for Puppetry Arts: If you're into puppets, you REALLY need to check out the exhibits. It's heavy into Jim Henson (as it should be, given his contributions to TV and Film), but also explains and demonstrates many types of puppets popular throughout history and has several interactive displays that will keep kids AND adults mesmerized (making a giant locust do the Humpty Dance is freakin' AWESOME!!!).

Pokes in the Eyes:

BP: Duh. What else can I say that hasn't already been said?

Haliburton: Quietly billing millions (soon to be billions) of dollars in the gulf debacle w/out an ounce of progress.

Joran Van der Sloot: Didn't make the list for being a lying, scumbag serial killer...which he is. He made the list for trying to extort $250,000 from the Holloway family to supply info to the whereabouts of their daughters remains. What a fucking scumbag.

The guy in front of me at the drive thru ATM: If you have more than 3 transactions and people are behind you, don't use the drive thru. Go inside or at least use the walk up. Additionally, if you're using 3 different cards to complete multiple transactions while the line just gets longer, and longer, and longer...you're a fucking asshat that needs a punch in the neck.

Heather Henson: That's right, the youngest of the Jim Henson. She's also into puppets. Not muppets, mind you, she "doesn't like them" and would rather you didn't submit anything "too muppetty" to her film company for consideration. Evidently, she forgets that Elmo pays her rent, and her orthodontics and education were made possible by grants from the denizens of Sesame Street. Additionally, even though she had a whole row reserved for her at Puppet Slam @ Dad's Garage, she didn't bother to show up until it was over (it ran from midnight to 1:30 a.m.) to make sure as much attention as possible was devoted to her. UGH. As the delicate flower, known as FFGirly, waxed so poetically..."she needs a kick in the taco". Truer words may never have been spoken.
Thumbs UP:
Puppet Slam @ Dad's Garage Theatre: witness moments of pure comic genius while surrounded by the oddest collection of escapees from a Dragon/Comic Con ever assembled. A great time!
The Dispostion: AKA The DIS. Saw a preview of this new (pending) web/blog site. It shows lots of promise to be freakin' awesome. When it's officially up, I'll share the link.
Other Blogs: Some Blogs I like to follow for various reasons. Check them out, if you get a chance.
Gonna end on this high note, my VooDoo Love Children. Whether they be aimed at neck or junk, keep your punches straight.

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